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Keep It Movin' Despite the Discomfort of Personal Limitations

I heard some advice. "Don't have sex on leg day."

You're probably like, huh? While I am not trying to be crass, I figured it was a good way to get your attention. But you're still probably wondering is that a real-life warning from my personal experience.

No -- although squats can often haunt a sista a day or two after a good leg workout. A couple of weeks ago, the struggle was real walking down some steep stairs! But I didn't stop moving regardless of the momentary ache. It's the same thing in our everyday lives.

Even during moments of discomfort, we still must show up to do what is necessary, despite our personal limitations.

Personal limitations come in many forms. There are seasons when we are emotionally spent. Or our mental health needs attention. We could be wrestling with a physical ailment. Maybe our coins are hindering some things we want to do. Sis, there's even times when everything we attempt seems to fall apart! Personal limitations are a part of our life; they just shouldn't stop us from living our lives in full. Are they comfortable? No. Is it easy to navigate with them? Girl, bye. Still, we keep it movin' even when it's uncomfortable.

The truth is, all of us are are limited in some capacity. That's okay because we don't need to have it all together on this journey. Yet, we must be honest enough with ourselves to own our personal limitations. Learn to embrace them. Why? Because when we know our limitations, weaknesses or struggles, we can figure out the path to navigate around them.

No matter the discomfort.

To do so, we must remember to:

1. Be okay with having limitations. Don't beat yourself up about shortcomings. For instance, I still wrestle with depression sometimes. When that happens, I simply have to chill out. I don't take on extra tasks. I make sure to rest. When we're okay with our limitations, we can create our passage that what works for us.

2. Believe we have a purpose, which includes our limitations. What are you called to do? You are equipped to fulfill your purpose -- just as you are. Our struggles, flaws and obstacles are a part of our story. They don't have to deter us from our assignment. Instead, they create our personal testimony, increase our faith and builds empathy towards others. And remember that trials actually strengthen our character.

3. Boldly celebrate our strengths. Confidence isn't arrogance; it's our obligation to know what we have! Are you a savvy creative? Good with numbers? Able to speak truth to others unapologetically? Honor yourself by recognizing the talents, traits and strengths you possess. Solely focusing on the areas of lack does not serve you well -- nor does it it help those you're supposed to impact. Your gifts and what you have to offer the world matters. Appreciate that regardless of any personal limitations and the discomfort they bring.

So leg day is Sunday. I may move gingerly Monday morning but no personal limitations will deter me.



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