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From getting you through the workday as a radio personality on Hot 103 Jamz to supporting local organizations in her spare time, Julee Jonez has become a household name and a force to be reckoned with in Kansas City! As a wife and mom with a fast-growing podcast and a radio career that spans over 20 years, Julee testifies to the fact that everything you need to birth your dreams and create a healthy, happy life is already within you.


With an undeniably powerful voice, Julee uses her gift to empower others both on and off the air. In 2016, she added being an author to her resume when she wrote a novel titled "Pressing Past the Past" (available on Amazon) and she uses her sphere of influence in community service, mentoring youth, and high school youth ministry efforts. 


Her relationship with God is a key factor, but don't let her faith fool you! Julee isn't afraid to keep it real and embodies a non-cookie-cutter approach that bridges spiritual awareness with practical application – all of which can be enjoyed on her blog.

Julee has a passion for speaking to young women about bouncing back from a troublesome past, developing healthy self-esteem, and utilizing God-given skills to get ahead. She's available for speaking engagements and looks forward to helping the next generation thrive.

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